High tech non-toxic deodorizer and cleaner.  Instantly dissolve the pungent stinks of airborne and root causes of all farms.  Suppress bacteria growth and refresh the target area effectively.  Regular use will offer an excellent solution to solve the toxic gases and stinking sanitation issue of agricultural farms.

Water base,  Odorless,  No solvent & harsh chemical,  Residue free,  Gentle on hands,  Not harmful,  Biodegradable,  Pollution free.

Bird Clean 03 – For neutral and acidic gases.
Bird Clean 11 – For neutral and alkaline gases.

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Livestock field – bird house, chicken house, ranch, farm, pet house

Acidic, alkaline & neutral gases, dirt, antibacterial, deodorizing

Non-ionic, surfactant, mineral extract, sodium polyacrylate, aqua, inerts

Dilute Bird Clean with clean water at 1 : 100 – 200 ratio.  Spray or mist thoroughly as appropriate, brushing or soaking as needed.  Serious place apply 10 – 20 fold dilution, cleaning frequency and dosage depends on the site conditions.

Wear gloves and mask if needed. Keep out of reach of children and away from sunlight.  Not to inhale spray mist. Avoid contact with eyes.

   Product Features
Water BaseGentle On HandsResidue FreeBiodegradableOdorlessSolvent Free
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Green Era Award France


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