ESONA Green and Low Carbon Products

ESONA products are highly water soluble, low foam, easy to wash, biodegradable, broad spectrum effect, residue free, save water, time and energy.   Our products not only do not pose a threat to the environment, we are also compliant with the demand for conserving energy and reducing emissions, bringing cleanliness and health to our living environment, providing the public with a better low carbon future, leaving our next generation a greener earth!




My Living Space Is Amazing Bright

Innovative food utility grade cleaner.   Instantly deodorize and clean fast, powerful in degreasing and sanitizing effectively to ensure  excellent sanitation.   Water base, odorless, no solvent & chlorine, residue free, not harmful to hands and cleaning objects.   Biodegradable, no cross contamination, pollution free, GreenTag and Eco-label certified. 
eso shower wash

hj    Plant Extract
Natural herbal coconut extract,  unique natural mineral extract.

ed   Deodorize
Instantly remove your body odors,  armpit smell and static effect.

  Fast Rinse
Deep pore cleaning to reduce skin tension & tiredness.

eso product

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