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Disinfection Services


ESONA Malaysia

“   The Expert in Green Disinfection   ”

ESONA Nature Group begins its operation since 1981, we are a green service provider of sanitation and environmental services, along with R& D and manufacturing capacity to cater for the ever changing  environmental needs and customize the optimum formulas and green products to combat the outbreak of diseases, germs, bacteria and viruses in today living


ESONA R&D manufacturing facility and products are credited with ISO 9001:2015GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HALAL (Jakim), GreenTag and SIRIM Eco Label certification.


ESONA offers a wide range of multi-effect Disinfection Services and Products that is proven to kill  5 logs > 99.999% of bacteria and viruses within < 2 minutes of contact time, while simultaneously improving the indoor air quality via deodorizing and killing fungus and mold within a single application. Esona disinfection system is one of the most powerful and rewarding   work you may hardly find till to date, further our products are also food safe grade, certified green and readily biodegradable within 28 day.

What are Microbes ?

Pathogens – Covid 19, coronaviruses, SARS, H1N1, H5N1, bacteria and fungi may cause measles, chicken pox, legionnaires’ disease, tuberculosis and other lethal diseases

Allergens –   Bacteria, fungi and their by-products may cause allergic rhinitis, asthma, and humidifier fever and hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Toxins   –       Endotoxins, mycotoxins and VOC may cause a variety of toxic effects, irritation and pungent odours.

Esona professional disinfectant services are available in natural and non-toxic approaches catering to different needs of the clients.

How do I prevent Virus, Bacteria and Airborne Disease ?

Nothing beats good personal hygiene and consistent workplace sanitization practices, and preventive measures against the invasion of diseases.

ESONA provides a full range of equipment, technologies, products and services for the corrective, protective and preventive measures to battle these notorious viruses and bacteria to offer a 1-Stop solution and a peace of mind to the world.

ESONA products and services advantages

Powerful, Natural and Safe,

Ingredients used are in guidelines with WHO, CDC, KKM and NEA standards,

  1. Proven certification of achieving > 5 logs Disinfection within 2 minutes,
  2. Broad spectrum Disinfectant against viruses, bacteria, mold and fungus,
  3. HALAL certified by Jakim,
  4. Food safe grade,
  5. Readily biodegradable within 28 days,
  6. ISO and GMP certified manufacturing facility,
  7. R&D and manufacturing capacity to cater to the ever changing mutation of bacteria and viruses,
  8. The most complete range of products to specifically treat and eliminate targeted bacteria and viruses,

Types of Disinfection Services available,

There are 4 types of Sanitation Services offered by ESONA,

  • ESONA ULV Misting with Nano film coating (EULV)

This is the basic and general Disinfection Services where our ESONA chemicals are being diffused and suspended through an ULV (Ultra Low Volume) machine between the droplets of 5 – 50 microns to effectively disperse to the entire space and allow the airborne droplets to fall naturally on all contact surfaces, your premise gets sanitised within minutes.

  • ESONA Disinfectant Fumigation (EDF)

For more comprehensive and complete protection, ESONA Disinfectant Fumigation is by far the most holistic approach against viruses and bacteria in the confined space ~ “ 360 degrees protection with omni direction, no dead angle ”.   The disinfecting solution is being distributed evenly and evaporated via a powerful micro sound machine which disperses the airborne droplets into the entire space including areas or space that difficult to reach to effectively destroy and deactivate the viruses and bacteria. This approach is widely used internationally on hospital operating theatre disinfection and other critical control places.

  • ESONA Thermal Fogging Disinfection (ETF),

Highly recommended for outdoor and large premise disinfection, a proprietary formulation blended with thermal fogging solution will effectively eliminate the viruses and bacteria within minutes and leaves no oily surfaces.

  • ESONA Sanitizing Station (ESS),

Suitable for retail, factory, hotel and large office building for all employees and customers to sanitize entire body at a 360 degrees daily prior entering into your premises, ESONA provides customized sanitizing station to cater to your specific requirement and budget accordingly.

How it’s done ?


Step 1 :

Customers are advised to cover or seal all electrical appliances whenever necessary and close off all the windows.  Air conditioner is recommended to keep it running as the space sanitation may circulate through air conditioner or AHU to sanitize throughout the work in process. Individuals and pets (if applicable) are advisable to move out from the area of treatment.

Step 2 :

ESONA professionally trained service technician with proper PPE and equipment will check the prerequisite work and commence a thorough ULV misting to deliver the solution to the target surfaces and space. We focus too on spot deep cleaning to the frequently touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, filing cabinet handles, table surfaces and so forth.

Step 3 :

ESONA professionally trained service technician will commence Disinfectant Fumigation to omnidirectionally fumigate the entire premises to ensure maximum disinfection is being achieved to all spaces and ground areas. The duration of EDF is slightly longer than EULV as the Disinfectant Fumigation covers 1,000 square feet within 10 minutes.

This work is only applicable for ESONA Disinfectant Fumigation work .

Step 4 :

Upon the completion of treatment, ESONA will conduct the assessment results of the site after the post treatment via ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) to measure the RLU (Relative Light Unit) of treatment surfaces and generate a report for customer’s reference.

This work is only applicable for customers who signs up ATP test programme


During the whole work progress, the unique properties of ESONA products do not produce the pungent and corrosive vapours and cause no harm to human and environment under the conditions of normal use. The enclosed treatment area will only require to be exposed to the sanitising solution for < 10 minutes.  About 30 minutes individuals and pets may re-enter and resume their normal activities thereafter.