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There are numerous microbes exist in today’s environment, especially in indoor and enclosed air conditioned premises. These airborne microbes are recognized as the leading causes of numerous illnesses. Esona offers a wide range of multi-effect Disinfection Service that is proven to kill 99% of bacteria and remove malodors effectively. Assorted disinfectant used until eliminates and control bacteria, odor, fungi and viruses at the target places. 


Microbes are classified as:

Pathogens – viruses, bacteria and fungi cause measles, chicken pox, legionnaires’ disease, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases

Allergens – bacteria, fungi and their by products cause allergic rhinitis, asthma, humidifier fever and hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Toxins – endotoxins, mycotoxins and VOC cause a variety of toxic effects, irritation and odours

Our professional disinfectant services are available in natural and non-toxic approaches catering to different needs of the clients.

Esona Disinfection Service is equipped with the finest green technologies to remove bacteria, air-borne bacteria and viruses from your premises as to the appropriation of the site conditions.