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ESONA ODOR CONTROL SYSTEM   makes use of natural and non-toxic green neutralizers to convert foul and potentially harmful gases into non-odorous by-products.  It features :

–  Fast and Immediate results
–  Biodegradable
–  Long Lasting effect
–  Not a masking agent
–  Cost Effective
–  Neutralizers approved by the relevant Agency
–  Customized products and services to meet individual needs


It is environmentally friendly as the neutralizers are water-based, non-toxic and biodegradable compounds. It is effective AGAINST A WIDE RANGE OF TOXIC AND LETHAL ODORS including :

–  Ammonia
–  Amines
–  Hydrocarbons
–  Hydrogen Sulfide
–  Mercaptans
–  Solvents
–  Natural and organic composites, e.g. cigarette, urine & vomit odors
–  Organic & inorganic industrial by-products




When you have an odor problem, ESONA SERVICE CONSULTANT AND TECHNICIANS will assess the situation to determine :

–  The appropriate method of delivery system 
–  Precise calibration of contact time and correct dosage of neutralizer


Esona Odor Control System can be EASILY APPLIED at :

–  Landfills/ Bin Centers
–  Ducted air-conditioners
–  Hotels & restaurants
–  Industrial plants of all kinds
–  Oil refineries
–  Food processing plants
–  Poultry & Veterinary farm
–  Waste water & sewerage treatment 
–  Other bad smells generated sources