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The ITMS technology professionally designed for termite colony elimination, utilizes multiple solution driven approaches inclusive of revolutionary baiting technology to wipe out the entire colonies of termites that require no drilling or pumping of chemical in your premises.

There are several advantages of ITMS, it is highly effective against ALL kinds of termites, regardless worker termites, swarming termites, soldier, young or old. ITMS contains lethal elimination system which is spread throughout the colony, through contact and interaction effect. Whereas once termites have consumed ITMS bait, it’ll spread throughout the colony by the infected termites.

In addition, ITMS team will monitor and follow up inspections on how much the termite bait has been consumed by termites; thereby access the likelihood and success of termite colony elimination programs.

Health, Safety and Environmentally Friendly

ITMS is extremely low in toxic, once you have engaged. ITMS, there will be no disturbance or extreme chemical hazards to you. ITMS is placed in a Tamper Resistance Bait Station to prevent interference by children and pet.


The Professional ITMS Team

Comprises professionally trained termite expert to Detect, Treat and Eliminate termites in homes, offices and factories using the most appropriate technologies available inclusive of termite bait, sand and powder treatment giving you a peace of mind.

How ITMS Works ?


itms image

First – ITMS team will identify where are the termites and the methods to be implemented to treat the termite’s infestation.



itms image

Second – ITMS team will place pheromone (treated) bait stations at the intersection of termites traveling path to attract termites to goes into the baiting system.


itms image

Third – At suspected or its nearby area, ITMS bait station will be placed to attract termites entering the  baiting system.



itms image

Fourth – ITMS team will return and check the consumption of baits, meanwhile identify the population of termites. If it is not sufficient or not attended, ITMS team will add more baits or re-locate the bait stations.



itms image

Fifthly – ITMS team will pay special attention to the newly identified termite path. As termites operates 24 hours a day, the expansion of its colony may expand rapidly.Thus, ITMS team will place more bait stations at the newly identified area if needed.



itms image

Sixth – Once the bait station is identified to have sufficient population of termites infestation, ITMS team will inject poison baits to eliminate these termites.



itms image

Lastly – ITMS team will continuously return and identify the activities of termites and ensure the termite colony is completely eliminated.



How long will I see the results ?

Studies show that it may take up to 3-6 months for termite baiting system to get the decisive results, generally ITMS may have good results within 3 months!  Or are will un-conditionally and continually provide the termite treatment free of charge till the whole colony is eliminated.


Can I do my own termite treatment ?

A word of advice is NO. Termite control requires professional skills, analysis and experienced people to handle these treatments. After all, these toxic materials must be handled with care and should be used by professional and licensed applicator only.


How much does it cost ?

The cost of ITMS program will depend on the size of your property, the infestation level, the accessibility and many other factors. ITMS is one of the most effective bait system in the market and charges are very reasonable. Please consult our service consultant for further information.


Warranty ?

Upon completion of treatment to your premises, ESONA will issue a certificate of warranty to you and the warranty period as well. At anytime within the warranty period you suspect the termite reinfestation, you may contact our offices and present the certificate of warranty, our professional service consultant will arrange an appointment to inspect your premises and do corrective treatment as needed without extra charges.



– Drilling and pumping of chemicals

– Holes will be drilled along walls between 1.5 ft- 2 ft depending on site condition.

– Termiticide solution will be injected into each hole according to manufacturer’s recommendation.

– A volume of 5 litres of termiticide solution will be injected into each hole to create a layer of termiticide.

– Upon completion of CT, a certificate of warranty will be issued by ESONA.

– There are repellent and non-repellent formulations for termite control, it is subject to site condition and infestation level.



– Spray of chemicals

– Preventive soil treatment is carried out when the property is being built.

– Termiticide solution will be sprayed over the soil for the entire built up area.

– This creates a chemical barrier in the soil and throughout the build up area.

– The chemical barrier must not be disturbed and should be covered preferably using a water proof tarpaulin before the concrete slab is laid.

– Upon completion of ST, a certificate of warranty will be issued by ESONA.