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Innovative food utility grade multi-purpose cleaner. Instantly deodorize and clean fast, powerful in degreasing and sanitizing effectively to ensure excellent sanitation.

Water base, Food Grade Sanitizer, Odorless, No solvent & chlorine, Residue free, Not harmful to hands and cleaning objects. Readily biodegradable, No cross contamination, Pollution free, Greentag & Eco-label certified.

009169343 (1) Certified by Halal Malaysia

Product Description


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Refrigerator, freezer, cooking utensil, cutting board, cabinet, dishwasher, steamer, pantry, toilet, floor, kitchen utensil, waste tank, trash, ditches

Automobile, motorcycle, tire rim, rubber / plastic stain, fiber, ceramic, all kinds of stone, carpet, floor, mirror,  glass, wooden furniture, fabric, shoe and other surface dirt cleaning

Smell :   Urine, foul odor, sweat, milk stain, grease smell, pet odor, filthy residue, smoke, durian, burning smell,  peculiar odor

Other :   Dust, grease, water stain, dirt, mold, vomit, excrement

Palm polyglucoside, natural carbon mineral, sodium polyacrylate (food grade), glycose alkyl ether

5 : 1    Carbon surface, grease, gas stove, oven, kitchen utensil

10 : 1  Oil, machinery and equipment, mold, printing, ceramic, rubber / plastic stain

50 : 1  Foor, carpet, furniture, laundry, toilet, trash, soot odor

* Stubborn dirt or hardened grease ~ diluted 1 : 5-10 times, add 1 – 2 spoonful of baking soda and mix. Soak for more than 30 minutes, then wash clean. Serious condition should be repeated 1 – 2 times

* Toilet filthy smell, pour daily 20 ml solution into toilet bowl water tank, seven days after the smell gradually disappeared. To maintain – every two days apply one time as above.

   Product Features
Water BaseInstant DeodorizeDegreasingFast CleaningAnti Bacteria
   Product Certificates
Sirim Eco LabelMalaysia MyHIJAUSGSGreen Era Award France


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