Exclusive Skincare formula uniquely blended with deodorant. Protects the skin against dehydration. Your skin feels softer and looks radiant. Rich foam and easy to wash. Fragrance appears during washing but fades away from your body after rinsing.

Flora Fragrance 
Exceptionally ideal for your bath and washing. Rich fragrant foam soothes the skin and refreshes your body by eliminating all body odors, improving blood circulation thus reducing skin tension and tiredness.
Fruity Fragrance
Your excellent face and eye make up remover for deep pore cleansing which thoroughly removes your make up and impurities and activates the cell rejuvenation on your face. It is an outstanding shaving foam too.
Sandalwood Fragrance
A product specially formulated for you to effectively remove the body odors from your under arm and feet. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

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Plant ExtractEasy RinseBiodegradableGreen ProductOdorlessLow Carbon
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Green Era Award France


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